Bruce N. Walker


Dr. Bruce N. Walker is a professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, world-recognized researcher, and successful entrepreneur. Dr. Walker received his PhD from Rice University, and is an expert in developing effective technological products and services whose designs are firmly grounded in science. He is experienced as a company founder, Chief Executive officer, Chief Research Officer, and advisor to many companies. Dr. Walker was one of the core team members that developed the original Bostel diagnostic systems, bringing his vast expertise in sonification and multimodal user interfaces to the project. He has remained focused on scientific validation of the effectiveness of our tools. Dr. Walker has recently been appointed by the board as President of Bostel Technologies, and is leading Bostel to the next level of life-saving cancer screening.

Avi Dascalu

Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer

Dr. Avi Dascalu is a world-renowned Dermatologist practicing out of Tel- Aviv, Israel. After receiving his MD from Tel Aviv University Dr. Dascalu (Lt. Col. res., IDF) also completed a PhD in Physiology and Pharmacology and has worked tirelessly to seek out innovative therapies and diagnostics to advance the field of Dermatology. He was a co-founder, has been a key member of the Bostel development team, and has successfully demonstrated the clinical utility of the platform within formal research studies.

Harry Keegan

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Harry is a native of New England, graduated from Northeastern University school of business in 1992. Later he attended Suffolk University to get his Executive MBA. His primary focus has been in the medical /pharmaceutical industry with 30 years of his experience. Most of the experience came from working for Braintree Laboratories, a company focused on developing novel drugs in both gastroenterology and nephrology. There he worked as VP of Marketing and VP of Sales where he launched several successful drug launches where the products became market leaders. Later he worked in Business Development and eventually became CEO of Braintree Labs. After the successful sale of the company in 2018 to Sebela Pharmaceuticals, he began to pursue several early stage/start up opportunities in the area of drug development and medical device innovation. Harry Keegan resides in Boston MA.

Rob Raleigh


Rob Raleigh resides in Massachusetts, and earned his MBA and JD from Suffolk University prior to kicking off a long career in the Pharmaceutical industry. He has worked to bring several products to market over the past 20 years while working closely with Harry Keegan at Braintree Laboratories. The primary focus of Braintree Laboratories during Rob’s tenure was to develop new drugs and preparations for treatment of gastrointestinal diseases. Rob is a Co-Founder of Bostel Technologies, and now serves as Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel at Sebela Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Ankur Kalra

Machine Learning Development

Ankur Kalra is the founder of Hop Labs, an artificial intelligence consultancy based out of Atlanta. Hop Labs focuses on production-scale machine learning solutions for real-world products, and works with both startups and established brands. Through its recent projects, Hop Labs has helped to fight cancer, empowered non-profit organizations around the world, streamlined aircraft maintenance, and has even made computers smart enough to help you find the best-fitting pair of pants. Through its work with BosTel, Hop Labs is helping to fight cancer with innovative computer vision and sonification technology.